Thursday, March 14, 2013

There's always a catch

Enam's visa has been approved!

Jacob met his biological mom today for the visa interview. He said she was happy about the adoption and was very sweet. He got a picture of her and got to show her pictures of our family. I am very thankful for that opportunity.

The catch is that they will not have the visa ready for us to pick up this Friday, but next Friday.

It's pretty expensive for me to fly out there also. Right now we are waiting on our tax return (our accountant doesn't have the estimated return yet) and some payments from work to come in, but we are not sure exactly what they will be. It could be that we have everything we need to pay for my ticket and the coming medical and legal expenses, but it is not in the bank yet nor do we know exactly the amounts. Also, our agency declared bankruptcy, so we are not getting some deposit money back either.  I debated with Jacob all day whether to take the risk and expense. I finally decided that I need to travel for the sake of being more apart of the transition out of Africa into our home. Jacob said that they would go to the village he's from and say goodbye to people there (assuming orphanage and extended family). I just couldn't miss being apart of these special moments and we will just have to trust that the adoption tax credit will really help give us that little bit more to make this happen.

Jacob is in the middle of his night's sleep as I write this, so I haven't even told him yet that I booked the flight. But it seems more right than not going. So please pray for peace and provision about the final financial matters. God has met us at every turn with what we need, I know he will again if I can turn away from my fear about spending money that is not quite in the bank yet.

Finally, I'll leave you with this picture. I was a bit stressed putting the kids to bed, just so much weighing on me and so much to do. Then, I found this in Keiran's backpack. It was so incredibly sweet, it really helped give me perspective and calm my worries.


As I pack to leave, I just have to share a few more cute pictures. I can't get over how beautiful this boy is!

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