Monday, August 9, 2010

A beautiful suprise in the mail!

No, we did not get a big fat check, if that's what you're thinking. But quite a nice treat nonetheless. In our county, we get a book in the mail each month for each child until they are 5. R2's book for the month came in today. It was called "A Mother for Choco" by Keiko Kasza. It was a beautiful, loving picture of adoption. K1 told me almost immediately when we got home and wanted me to read it to him. After we read it he said, "its adoption!" A must read for sure. Briefly, it begins with baby bird Choco looking for someone who looks like him who might be his mother. It ends with Mrs. Bear, who looks nothing like him, bringing him home to be his Mama. He joins her family, that includes a little pig, a little alligator, and a little hippo. The last illustration is Mama Bear hugging all four in her lap, so so sweet.

While I'm on the subject I must give a shout out to another favorite, the PBS Kids series "Dinosaur Train." The premise is the adventures of the Pteranodon the are often facilitated by a special train that can travel through time tunnels that take them into other eras to learn about the dinosaurs there. The Pteranodon siblings consists of 3 pteranodons and a T-rex who somehow ended up in their nest before he hatched. They so wonderfully show him as part of the family, while celebrating his uniqueness. I love this show for a zillion reasons, but I'm so glad to teach K1 about adoption with this help.
So if you know of anymore great jewels like this, let me know.
I am feeling very encouraged at the end of this day: sharing this book with my boys and reading the blogs of the Hollis family who just met their son in China and my childhood friend Jill celebrating he new son's 1 month birthday. Its so encouraging to see God's faithfullness in guiding and providing for such a rich blessing as family and adoption. My heart is overflowing with love, gladness and thankfulness today.