Saturday, February 12, 2011

The house is up for sale!

Our house is finally on the market! At times I thought we'd never get it presentable, but here we are. So many people worked with us to help us make it look great. Thanks to everyone who help us with various projects and to our real estate team for the guidance, advice, and awesome pictures.

See our Listing!

You can pray for us to have trust and patience in God during the process, for a family to fall in love with our house and offer a good price, and for the everything to go well with purchasing our next home.

Thanks you all again for your support, this is a big step in the process for us. It means so much to us to have our friends and family encouraging and praying for us.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next big step

So the plan is to put our house on the market in 2 1/2 weeks! We have already been preapproved for a loan for our next home and our realator thinks we can sell our house for much more than Jacob and I had thought! So here is the scenario we are hoping/praying for: We sell our house for a good price, 1/3 of the profit will be a down payment on the next house, 1/3 into our adoption fund, 1/3 to pay off a student loan and go into new paint and such for the new house. That will bring us to about half of our adoption costs and allow us to proceed with an agency and make our first payment without going into debt.

Second, we hope/pray that we will be able to by a home for less than we are selling this one. This means we will probably be getting a dated house with wood paneling and such. That's ok with me, we will make it our own something beautiful eventually, but its worth being able to bring home our daughter without a lot of debt. Not only will we be saving $100/month from paying off that student loan, we should have a lower mortgage payment as well. This will set us up to save more money monthly. We still hope to do various fundraisers later in the year, but we are considering this housing situation our current fundraiser.

So no fun pictures today, most of the current work on our house is minor touch-ups, cleaning, and staging. I also wanted to say that I've been encouraged about our pursuits in Nepal. My inlaws were over in Nepal in November and reassured of us the strong Christian contacts they have. I feel much better that we will be able to complete an ethical adoption.

Finally, Jacob's family is back in Nepal for the next several months. His dad is teaching a semester at a Bible college there. Please visit my mother-in-laws blog The orphanage there is always in need as well. You can contact my father-in law Kirk at if you want to know more specifically how you can support the orphans at New Life Children's Haven.