Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OMG (not taking God's initial in vain)

Enam's visa interview is scheduled for next Tuesday morning!  Best case scenario, it will be approved  and ready by the end of next week. It's possible that they may want a further investigation (again), but we think we will get that feedback next week if it is so.

I almost can't imagine it! I think there is still part of me that is guarding my heart.  Yet soon, we could be bringing him home and making him part of our family!

Oh, I hope this last step does not drag out. Please pray for us and for what is best for Enam.
(And for the flu season to calm down so work doesn't miss me too much.)

I am ready for maternity leave and watching my family grow!

FYI: the kitchen remodel should finish up next week too. I can't wait to show you the before and after!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting closer!

This week was my best friend's birthday and she generously wished for good news on our adoption. Well, thank you Allie!

Yesterday, our in-country-coordinator picked up our visa packet and took Enam (Christopher) for his medical exam. Now our agency has requested his visa interview be the first week of February! If all goes smoothly, his visa could be ready about 3 days after the interview date. We've had enough set backs and complications to know to give ourselves a buffer before hopping on a plane. Still, it looks like we may get to bring him home in February after all!

So just one more step before we get the final approval to pick him up and bring him home. I almost can't believe it! I'll let you know generally about the time we will be traveling and let you know for sure when we will be home (with pictures of course). Pray that it does go smoothly and we can bring him home soon and at just the right time.

Posts are more interesting with pictures, so here's a brotherly love one for you all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back on track

(Sorry for the delay in posting. Since November, my life has been crazy from just about every angle. And with the holidays, I really tried to focus what time I had on making it special for my family.)  On to the adoption saga!

Here's basically what happened over the last 3 months! We got paperwork from Enam's biological father in Novemberish, but the immigration office was still not satisfied with the documents. In early December, our agency got more documents to the immigration office and the Friday before Christmas we got word that his orphan status had been approved! This week the documents should arrive at US embassy in Ghana for the final steps.

What are the final steps, you ask? He will have another medical exam and the biological parents will be interviewed. We were told we could travel 10 days after the interview. So yes, a few more steps, but the next word we will hear are our travel dates!

My life is still unusually dramatic and busy right now, but perseverance is my motto (after reading everyone's new year's posts, maybe I should make it the theme of my year huh?!). I'm having faith that this is just a season and good things are in the making.

Now, to redeem myself for my lack of posting, here are some cute pictures of my family!
Happy Thanksgiving!

First day of Advent!

(Sap hands)

Trampoline  picnic!

Pirate costume from Grancy Christmas Eve at home!

 New superhero capes fit great!

Advent candles all lit!

Christmas Round 3: Nana Claus!

 Rylan, in character till the last minute
New Year! (New kitchen)
 We are remodeling our kitchen, so the boys are finding new ways to entertain themselves during our numerous trips to Home Depot.