Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fundraiser follow -up #2

Highlights of our Jacksonville, AR fundraiser.

-We had LOTS of stuff for the swap. Everyone who came walked away with a good bit. It is sometimes hard for me to take money from people, so it really helps me to see them be blessed as well. I have to remind myself that with this adoption, the giving done by others will be rewarded in heaven as well, and not just by the material nature of the fundraisers.

-The food was AMAZING! My sister-in-law, Katie, made the most delicious, Nepali-inspired food for the reception. Curried chicken and potato kabobs, rice balls (rice, cheese and red pepper rolled together and fried), pita chips and veggies with cumin yogurt dip, shortbread cookies, Nepali tea. SOOOO good. She decorated the table with pictures from the orphanage my father-in-law visits each winter as well.

-The turn out was not quite what I had hoped, but I learned a lot about how I might aproach it better next time (nearer the end if we are still needing help with funds). It was still great to talk about our adoption and the work of 147 Million Orphans. We made less money on this second fundraiser, but I feel like we raised so much spiritual and personal support sharing our desires with so many close friends and family. I definately feel the priority of prayer in this endeavor. We will need to save and raise quite a bit of money, but even more we need the continued prayer and encouragement.

Thanks again to everyone who helped and participated.