Saturday, May 8, 2010

Political Crisis
We got a call from my father-in-law last week about some turmoil in Nepal due to former Maoist rebels. The strike has been lifted, but I don't understand the politics involved in this well enough to know what that means in regards to our concerns. I'm posting a link to explain it better than I can, but please pray for this situation.

We knew that the Nepalese government has been fluctuent. The current government has only been in place about 2 years, and now there is another threat to its stability. We are still hopeful that Nepal is where we will find our daughter, but this situation reminds me to be thankful for the inherent wait involved in us meeting the adoption requirements. (Current regulations make us ineligible for about 3 more years.)

For Nepal and the Church there, we hope this unrest is dealt with quickly and positively. For our own sake as well, we hope the government will be stable enough to keep its doors for adoption open to us.

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  1. We will contiune to pray. Are you guys planning on adopting a child from the Nepal orphanage?