Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The homestretch!


We recieved the final court documents today! (only a month after we were expecting it) We filled out our last petition for a visa to bring Enam back and will be sending it out in the next day or two. I'm so ready!

We are told it can take about 6 weeks to get approved, of course with governments timelines we have learned not to hold our breath. I'll let you all know as soon as we do hear something back.

For now, I'm keeping busy on the homefront with craft projects for Halloween and Christmas. I also have some material from Ghana to make a blanket for Enam! (I'll post a picture of the blanket when I finish it.) Now I also feel confident enough to set up the crib and go ahead and find the cabinet space for sippy cups. Thankfullt, much of the waiting periods have been full of wonderful distractions, namely Keiran and Rylan. But I'm excited to gradually spend more and more time preparing for our third son!

Some sweet friends of our gave us a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. It was so encouraging and helpful! If anyone else wants to see the kind of stuff we need, check out our Target registry.

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