Friday, July 27, 2012

We are in Ghana now! I have been to Africa (South Africa) before, but is this is something else. The beach at Cape Coast is beautiful and the weather is great, but the streets are chaotic. They are packed with people, cars, motorcycles, farm animals, vendors, and hustlers. It is a bit stressful to go for a walk, and quieter streets are probably not safe. Even at the beach or the restaurant patio across the street, we get bombarded by hustlers. We did get a few things on our souvenir list and bought from an amazing painter, but you can't sit in peace for very long before someone offers to sell you something you don't want. It doesn't help that you can spot our white skin a mile away. Everyone is friendly, its just intense.

Yesterday, we visited the Cape Coast Castle where slaves were captured and sent to England and the British colonies.  It was difficult to visit the dungeons, especially since the chapel and Governor's mansion sat just above them.  It was really good to see it though, to face the reality and have a fresher compassion for those who died and survived.

But on to the baby, which everyone really wants to hear about. He attached to Jacob pretty early. He will let me hold him and care for him, unless Jacob is nearby. Everyday he is getting more playful and interactive.  We had one bad night, but them I noticed a tooth had popped through. Last night he slept well and has been babbling more. We gave him a bath last night too, which is one of my favorite baby activities.

Court was pushed back from Thursday to Friday, today. We dressed up and drove out to the court. We sat through some other cases, then went back to meet the judge in his chambers for our adoption case. Another couple went first with our lawyer and the social worker. They came out looking stunned. Basically, the judge told them that he hadn't looked at the paperwork and would need to reschedule. The lawyer couldn't meet till next Thursday. Our coordinator has told us that this judge has been trouble in the past and he doesn't trust him to pass our case or not hold things up.

Right now we are waiting for our coordinator to try to find a different lawyer for us and try to meet with a judge that has been more helpful in the past. So we are just waiting to see what will happen next.

Our first morning here I read James 1. Those words are ringing in my ears now. I am thankful to see how God has matured us and am hopeful for because of his goodness. We will let you know how things proceed from here as we learn ourselves.


  1. I cannot wait to hear that you are on the plane coming home with your son! love you guys!

  2. Thank you for taking some of this precious time for an update! We are so looking to the day when our family can meet your baby boy!