Friday, August 24, 2012

One big step closer!

All we heard when we got back from Ghana was that our new court date would be September, no specific date to hold on to just ... September. We were grateful to have others working on our behalf so we tried to be patient and focus on getting back to work and back to school. Thankfully our lives are full of worthy distractions.

As we were getting to the last dollars of our monthly grocery budget, I started thinking about September more and wondering if there was any better idea of the timing. I guess Jacob was wondering too and emailed our agency contact.

Thursday night we got an email stating that the in-country coordinator had been called urgently to court and that the judge had granted us the adoption! Good timing, huh. We got the email as we were preparing to go out for a dinner date, so then it became a celebration dinner.

So now on to the best part of the waiting, NESTING! I can't wait to set up the crib, stock the dresser and closet, and celebrate with friends at baby showers.

We have about 6 weeks or so before we can bring him home, but this feels like the beginning on the next phase for our family, now a family of 5! Now that we are officially his parents, this journey feels different, but good. Its almost like when Jacob and I got engaged: we were not married yet, but just having a formal definition and clear intention allowed a guard to be dropped and deeper love to begin to flourish. So this is our adoption engagement, I guess. We are relieved to be past the loose commitment of the beginning and on to one that is more substantial, while looking forward to the full commitment of living life together as a family.